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Don’t Let Your Resolve Dissolve

By Flower Conroy Key West Poet Laureate Ah, the New Year! How it promises to usher in the, well, new. We make reservations (or we most certainly do not!) in hopes of finally fulfilling our dreams lives. If you’re a

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by Noah Waldron Key West Anna looks around. Her head is fuzzy, her eyes are wide, her knees are on the ground, her hand is clutching a shiny, bright wrapper which is now void of its original contents just like

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Unless Things Change

by Tod Perry Cudjoe Key Unless things change at the tap This one looks like my last poem. Closing time is coming soon, and I am stuck deep down a hole in a shallow pond of drowning fish. So long

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Storm of the Century

The Storm of the Century Steven Saint Vincent Key Largo They live and work and play on the easternmost third of the archipelago. It sounds exotic as if it were some faraway Paradise but it’s just a place they call

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Development on A Dish

“Development” on a Dish Flower Conroy Key West Poet Laureate   My fellow writer friend, Kelly Wolfe, asked if I would be willing to share my poem “Development” with her students (a group of aspiring chefs at Johnson and Wales)—to

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A Storm of Tears

A Storm of Tears Julie Cuneo Key West For miles there is no one. Not one car, bike, person, nothing. Not even a bird gliding in the air. Nothing looks the same. Trees are stripped bare. The ocean’s floor is

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Flower Conroy Poet Laureate of Key West De/compositions In his book De/compositions, W. D. Snodgrass alters great canonic poems’ techniques of diction, meter, image, and/or intention in order to showcase how crucial each and every gesture a poet makes contributes

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Angry Too

Kalo Key West unlike u I want/need/crave swear words as often as possible to highlight what u brilliantly call the fascist nature of our new normality. the shit’s hit the fan big time. bye bye women’s rights/gay rights/human rights. our

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This Is Me

Edgardo Alvarado – Vazquez Stock Island This is ME What I want to write is too dark Too angry to inscribe to spell out
and yes I did promise that I would march on paper
but the paper is muddied with spewed

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Lives Together

by M.N. SNow Key West “Jesus, David, you forget every time!” “Do I?” “Yes, and I still can’t believe it. It’s only been about a thousand years!” Hannah should’ve been used to it by now, but it still bothered her.

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