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Don’t Let Your Resolve Dissolve

By Flower Conroy Key West Poet Laureate Ah, the New Year! How it promises to usher in the, well, new. We make reservations (or we most certainly do not!) in hopes of finally fulfilling our dreams lives. If you’re a

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Development on A Dish

“Development” on a Dish Flower Conroy Key West Poet Laureate   My fellow writer friend, Kelly Wolfe, asked if I would be willing to share my poem “Development” with her students (a group of aspiring chefs at Johnson and Wales)—to

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The Perfect Book of Poems

The Perfect Book of Poems Flower Conroy Key West Poet Laureate On April 6, 2018, at 10:26 am on Facebook, Sam Sax posited the question “what book do you think of when you think of a ‘perfect book’ of poems?”

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In Ruins as in Aesthetics

In Ruins as in Aesthetics, It’s Not What You Take Away But What You Leave Behind Flower Conroy Key West Poet Laureate In Jonathan Schipper’s sculpture, “To Dust,” two statues are suspended from a mechanism that causes the pieces to

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By Flower Conroy Poet Laureate, Key West “There’s no such thing as writer’s block… you just need to lower your standards.” – Peter Murphy I’ve spent a good portion of the afternoon wracking my brain trying to think what craft

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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap Think of a drop of rain hitting a roof, sliding down the roof’s slope, falling through the air then touching the surface of a puddle before slipping into the puddle, becoming indistinguishable and yet, other.  What has

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