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Unless Things Change

by Tod Perry Cudjoe Key Unless things change at the tap This one looks like my last poem. Closing time is coming soon, and I am stuck deep down a hole in a shallow pond of drowning fish. So long

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A Storm of Tears

A Storm of Tears Julie Cuneo Key West For miles there is no one. Not one car, bike, person, nothing. Not even a bird gliding in the air. Nothing looks the same. Trees are stripped bare. The ocean’s floor is

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Angry Too

Kalo Key West unlike u I want/need/crave swear words as often as possible to highlight what u brilliantly call the fascist nature of our new normality. the shit’s hit the fan big time. bye bye women’s rights/gay rights/human rights. our

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This Is Me

Edgardo Alvarado – Vazquez Stock Island This is ME What I want to write is too dark Too angry to inscribe to spell out
and yes I did promise that I would march on paper
but the paper is muddied with spewed

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Eternity Tree

by Allen Cody Key West -ETERNITY NEAR- The charity pine box they put me in was too small – so they chop’d a hole and me feet, they waggled outa one end. You could tell them miners in the crowd,

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Villains Needed

JD Adler Key West In an age when the bad guys are winning and the good guys are on the run Maybe we don’t need heroes But villains to save everyone Loki, Lex Luthor and Magneto to the rescue of

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Put Down Your Pencils

PUT DOWN YOUR PENCILS David Leeson Key West The little hand points to twelve. The big hand points to twelve. You didn’t think high noon Would come so soon. Children, put down your pencils. The test is now complete. That

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When I Stop Loving You

WHEN I STOP LOVING YOU Patty Patten Tiffany When I stop loving you after a prolonged period in which you scorn me, I will exile you to Pluto, downgraded from planet to icy mass, something like you.

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Angels Whisper

Jah Love Key West Angels whisper in the night Calling lovers to their hearts’ delight With the softest breath they draw us near And dry the streak of the lonely tear Angels whisper in the night

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Old Town Clown

OLD TOWN CLOWN by Tod Perry   So pleased to look the scruffy clown his clothes were blots on polka dots on top of rings on top of spots paint in drips collar to cuff half a Pollack half a

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