This Is Me

August 16, 2018

Edgardo Alvarado – Vazquez
Stock Island

This is ME

What I want to write is too dark
Too angry to inscribe to spell out
and yes

I did promise that I would march on paper
but the paper is muddied with spewed words 
full of hatred from the other side
and yes

I’m better than that, I’m better than them
and it’s not about how many swear words
I can put in a poem (as I heard someone ask behind my back)
and yes

IT IS about my anger
IT IS about not remaining silent
because silence equals death
death of the mind equals death of the heart
and death of the pen
and yes

I stand before you
trying to articulate an anti-racist poem
against the fascist core of our new normal
and yes

Without rocking the linguistic coded boat
set out by the ex-cathedra infallibility of the brethren 
and of the establishment holding me down today
and yes

I can say with sound resolution
with the full measure of my abilities 
with the backing of the knowledge of my pain is
FUCK NO! I won’t down without a fight
And I won’t make APOLOGIES
This is ME

07/01/18 @ 10:26am
Rev. 7/8/18