Angry Too

August 16, 2018

Key West

unlike u I want/need/crave swear words
as often as possible to highlight what u brilliantly
call the fascist nature of our new normality.

the shit’s hit the fan big time. bye bye women’s
rights/gay rights/human rights.

our personal vulnerabilities so naked.
your brown pigmentation. my grab-able pussy.

so much lost already. down the tubes in just
1 year/161 days/23 hours/51 minutes/36 seconds.

my response poem is not nuanced
with linguistic restraint like your call.

yeah silence IS death; I’m alive & yelling FUCK
(did mother church say not to curse? one
of the ex-cathedra “shalt nots”?)

so I propose: shitfuck. crapfuck. goddamnedfuck.
assholefuck. bastardfuck. sonofabitchfuck.
better than that? not me.

u can take my profanity as
1. offensive language
2. sinking to base in their likeness
3. a swearer’s sworn oath to resist the Trumpfucking of America.

I pick #3