Villains Needed

May 8, 2018

JD Adler
Key West

In an age when
the bad guys are winning
and the good guys are on the run
Maybe we don’t need heroes
But villains
to save everyone
Loki, Lex Luthor and Magneto
to the rescue
of this world gone bizzaro

Everything they told us
we’re supposed to do
gets you nothing but tired
yet crime and sin
pay mad dividends
and lack of morality
is the key to the kingdom

when up is down
and crime means time only
if you don’t have any dimes
Maybe what we need
is not another honorable do-gooder
but a crafty conniving hell-raiser
On our side

after all wasn’t
‘a villain for the people’
Robin Hood’s whole thing
when a tyrant usurped the beloved king
exploiting the people
for his own aggrandizement
George Washington was a traitor to his King
so maybe
the lesson of history is
a Villain is exactly we need
when the bad guys are winning