An Irma Prayer

Tom Lawrence
Big Pine


Here we stand forlorn amongst the rubble,

Want to be strong, but feel fragile as a bubble,

Where to turn?  What to save?

What to rebuild in this Irma grave?

Can’t drink the water, have no power

The Keys paradise has turned so sour

Dear God give us strength, help us please

Shake off defeat that consumes us like a disease

Thanks that we’re safe but allow us to cope,

With the lost memories that suck every ounce of our hope

Sure we’ll survive and rise up again,

But we’ll need Your guidance until we get there then,

So on with the gloves, goggles and mask,

Cleanup is today’s, and everyday’s, task,

Then we’ll rebuild while we lend our neighbors a hand,

Giving thanks that we live in Your promised land,

Lord, give us some slack that we may have doubted Your ways,

And give us the strength we need in the coming days.

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