The Shepherd

December 27, 2017

The Shepherd

by JD Adler


In the middle of the night

The slow scratch of my

Long slender claws

At the entrance

To your home

Sets the soul a shiver

sets the body to quake

Forgotten when you awake


But I have not gone away

I never go away

When the sun rises

I can be found

About the town

Dressed as a Shepard

Smiling and tending

to his flock

Who smile back

Ignorant of the hunger

Of their steward

When none are paying attention

When all feel safe

Their trusted one transforms

I become

The nightmare that can’t be escaped

Offspring of the vulture and the snake

I feed

On the despair and deception

I cultivate

My flock

They march

To the banks and the battlefields

 They march

To the prisons and the cubicles

 They march

In rows and columns

 to their homes, offices and graves

   Never ending lanes

    Of quiet despair

     my dinner and desert

I rejoice in the conformity

the lack of imagination

So easily terrified

I drop “might-be’s” on the wind

And laugh as tragedy unfolds

And they unmake all they hold dear

while guarding against

The whisper of a fear

begging for someone

to lead them

out of adversity

I creep into your homes

I creep into your gatherings


about the danger

of unseen things

that aren’t me

that will never be

turning you into

your own worst enemy

as you destroy each other

before anyone can

build something better

something which would not require

a shepherd

And when

In the end


It all topples down

The Soviets, The Romans, The Babylonians

the destruction and despair

Feeds me like

Mothers tit suckles her young

And I grow strong

And help my flock

Build it all


I am the Shepherd

of civilization

tending my flock

into devastation

by dropping fear

at the borders of their prison labeled freedom


of the very thing

that I intend to happen

and I laugh

as they thank me

for my guidance

I am the Shepard

I am here to protect you