Hand Over Hand

December 27, 2017

Hand Over Hand

by Kalo


cursed Show off  

as my Dad smiling

wide bravissimo

turned a gleaming

1955 Buick Century

into our driveway

steering hand over hand

That the V8 could

cruise to red-danger

100 miles per hour

blew open new

neurochemistry in me

the heretofore obedient

suburban catholic

grade-school good-girl’s

life script revised

While paper-doll friends

whispered about female

hygiene I followed

the intrigue of motorsport

aficionados at speed festivals

Mille Miglia  Grand Prix

driving iconic cars

Ferrari  Alfa Romeo

In a new century

at my father’s funeral

we sat the sorrow pews

at St. Joan of Arc

re-imagining the 50’s

& 60’s in Park Ridge

the close-knit Clarke clan

content middleclass

& that Buick   not two

tons of rusting metal

but restored & for sale

in Hemmings Classics

One player from that

1955 summer Saturday

potentially still in motion

the other dead still

hand over hand

no longer bravissimo